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Namaste Bandhu,

I would recommend Michael Coman's 'The Early Method of Advaita Vedanta'. It has a running commentary on Gaudapada's Karikas and he has beautifully shown how Gaudapadacharya belongs to the Vedanta Sampradaya and also justifying the parallels found in Nagarjuna's Karikas. The book is highly recommended. 

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Can any one know, or can post, translation of Mula-Madhyamika karika of Nagarjuna.Which closely resemble to Mandukya karika og Gaudpad. So i think it is necessary to understand, Madhyamika & Vidnyanvadi standpoint before, understanding Mandukya Karika, deeply.
         I also think, the Madhwa & other who call Shankara , buddha in disguise, is bcoz, Buddha like Shankara alwayas rejected, Karmakanda & Upalabdhivad, which Mimansakas & their hidden followers like MAdhwa & Ramanuja stand out for. 
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