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These are mental make up of individuals - hence based on guNa which then
propels one to act according to his guNa  his actions (karma) differs.
This is the basis for classification of mental makeup.

Hare Krishna

Since this issue has been discussed several times earlier in this group, I
donot want to stretch this further...just I would like to quote following
excerpts from Hindu Dharma :

// quote //
When do we come to know the qualities that distinguish an individual? At
what age does he reveal his nature? How are we to determine this and impart
him the education and training necessary for the vocation that will be in
keeping with his qualities? Take, for instance, the calling of the Brahmin
who has to join the gurukula when he is seven or eight years old. His
education covers a period of twelve years; after this alone will he be
qualified for his vocation which includes, among other things, teaching. If
a man's occupation were to be fixed until after his character and qualities
are formed, it would mean a waste of his youthful years. Even if he were to
learn a job or trade thus at a late age it would mean a loss not only to
himself but also to society. The Lord speaks again and again that we must
constantly engaged in work and that we must not remain idle even a moment.
How then would he approve of an arrangement in which every individual has
be without any work until his vocation is determined according to his

// unquote //

prabhuji, if we read the above paragraph...we will come to know swamiji
dealing with the
problems involved in determining the varNa by going through  one's role in
society...If the role one plays in the society is main criteria for
determining the varNa, we will not be able to decide one's kuladharma  till
he chooses one!!! So,
till the completion of his studies, till he occupies one post in society
....he will be
*kula heena* & there is no kula dharma for him/her...this is what swamiji
highlighting in the above para...Infact these are all the *practical
problems* one will face if he/she go by modern technoloby of determining
varNa by one's vocation, mental makeup, guNa!!

For further details kindly see the below link :


Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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