[Advaita-l] What can we do?

Taina Kilpiainen tutteli at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 03:34:01 CDT 2006

Why this world is so bad? There is much more badness
than goodness and bad people have much better luck
than good people.

This reflect all things in this world and
terrorattacks are only visible top in these badness
which have in everything.

Is it for Kali yuga time the world is thiskind extreme
bad in novadays? We can look backward; How nazies
destroyed people in concentration camps and they
succeed in this very good and Hitler succeed to
survive from attendats against him.

Big global business companies wrenchs people in
developed countries etc and etc.

This was rather pessimist statement but I have found
it everywhere, in all.

Of course I think this is also karmic thing. But
however it feel so sad when goodness is so difficult
to find from novaday's world.

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