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--- Madhava Havyavahana <hvyvhn at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   I feel ashamed of having lived an absolutely ignorant life,and i am
> using past tense very scruplously here as i have already committed
> myself to a better quality of life henceforth.and i believe that at 19
> i have the time to START being a student of vedanta.it is always
> better late than never.
>   my requests may please be looked into and i hope to receive your
> guidance .

Shree  Madhava havyavahana, PraNAms.

You say you are only 19 and you have so much maturity poured out in your
mail.  My hats off to you Sir. 

The only advise I can give you is study the shaastras under a guidance. 
 There are Ramakrishna missions, Chinmaya Missioss everywhere and join a
study group or join classes where vedanta is taught systamatically. 

If you are in Bangalore there are several Veterans of this and adviatin
list who live there and who how can help you and guide you.  Shree Anand
Hudli is now in Bagalore, who may be able to help you.  The Bottom line
is Vedanta has to be studied under a teacher. These internet groups
provide a forum only for discussions for clarification but main study
should be under a teacher.

Hope this helps.

Hari OM!

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