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On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, Madhava Havyavahana wrote:

First of all congratulations to you for your wisdom and maturity at such a 
young age and I think I can speak for the list that if we have any power 
to bless you on your journey we fervently do so.

>  I request you to confirm if this information is correct and inform me
>  of ways and means to gain the required knowledge.what are the pre
>  requisites needed before embarking on the study of vedanta,

The primary requisite, the one that is paramount over all others is the 
desire and firm resolve for liberation from samsara. In order to acheive 
that there are other virtues that have to be cultivated but this is the 

Now the theory of Vedanta is one thing and the practice is another. 
Liberation from samsara requires renouncing it.  You could leave for the 
Himalayas right now.  But would you be able to give up everything?  You 
still have your education to finish and then you will probably want to 
settle down and raise a family.  Even if you don't your parents and family 
will want you to.  And this requires a job, and a house, and perhaps a car 

It was observed elsewhere in this thread that karma is bandhan.  Yes but 
it is a bond most people willingly take.  So for such peole there is also 
a practical method: karma yoga.  Do your duty diligently and without 
regard for rewards.  Have faith in Bhagavan and study the shastras to the 
best of your ability.  This will build up the Vedantic virtues until you 
are finally ready ro renounce.

> is it right for a person to accept one philosophy and go on studying it?
> should he master all to come to the final conclusion?

That depends on the individual.  Certainly one should not consider a 
conclusion to be reached until a thorough process of inquiry has been 

Definitely you should seek a guru who is shrotriya and brahmanishta to 
help you on your way.  You indicated you were involved with Ramakrishna 
mission Bangalore.  Despite what I wrote in my other mail in this thread 
if you feel that is right for you then that is more important.  All I will 
say further is: don't settle for second best.  You are lucky that 
Bangalore is home to many eminent vidvans.

> are there any acid tests to
>  to conclude that one philosophy is the ultimate reality?

When the conviction in your heart is unshakeable, you will know.

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