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            From:  "S Sangaranarayanan" <sangarsai at hotmail.com>     Date:  Thu, 13 Jul 2006 04:35:47 +0000    Subject:  RE: [ambaa-L] Need info please help                Namaskarams to every one of you.

I am sending this appeal so that divine brothers and sisters will respond to 
complete this unique task.

You all must have heard about Annadhana sivan of Thepperumalnallur, which is 
near Tirunageswaram railway station (near to Uppliappan koil/Thirunageswaram 
Rahu stalam etc) on the Kumbakonam-Mayavaram railways - next station to 
Kumbakonam.Annadhana Sivan used to provide food free of cost to lakhs of 
devotees who thronged Mahamakam festival in Kumbakonam, without a single pie 
in his hand.

There is a Siva temple in this village, which is nearly 300 years old and in 
a highly dilapidated condition. There is no water even to do daily 
abhisekham and I have already taken steps to instal a overhead tank, sink a 
bore well, provide a fan, to provide electric lighting, the best I can do 
with my own funds and friends.

The temple requires extensive repairs, including providing doors and I have 
plans to do the Kumbabishekam God willing with the help of every one.The 
temple also requires vahanams, all the puja vessels and more particularly to 
pay the two archakas who are indeed most learned and dutiful. They receive a 
paltry Rs.200/- per month and there are no pujas done unless some devotee 
comes for prayer and blessings, which provide them a very small solatium for 
their services for their daily bread.

This temple has a siva lingam with a Maradaga head within the lingam and 
everyday sun falls on this avidayar. Further several people have seen a 
cobra going inside the temple, winding it round the linga and the bhairavar 
statue. We have collected two shedded skin of the cobra also. This is the 
only temple in the world where archana is done with rudraksha and all the 
purusharthas are granted to the devotees.There is also a rudraksha kavacha 
on the sivalingam. The swamis need dress, jewelry etc., which I hope to 
gether by stages.
It is said that once this temple used to feed about 8000 people daily but 
now there is none to feed even one. Hence I would like to revive the glory 
of this temple by providing food to everyone free of cost, if that boon is 
granted by the Divine Mother. Therefore doing annadhanam as offering to 
this temple, will benefit the devotees. Childless couples have been blessed 
too with a divine child.
Such is the glory and power of this temple, which needs renovation.

The swami is called Viswanathar and is the total energy of the 12 
Jothirlingas in India. Ambal is called vedanta nayaki a very nice 
idol.Recently i went to this temple, did puja and installed crystal maha 
meru free of cost to build up the divine energy.

If you know people who belong to the Thepperumalnallur village, please 
request them to contact me and offer their help, guidance and support in 
renovating this temple. irrespective of this most honourable members can 
also consider donating their mite from funds to materials, so that this 
temple attains its glory.

Pracheena bhavatha sampradaya natakams were conducted here, much before 
those done in Melatur. The village has also a siva temple called varadaraja 
swami temple and is called "Thenkanchi" ,meaning the south kanchipuram. 
There is a very famous kaliamman temple with sapta matas and it is said that 
after Narasimha killed Hiranyakachipu, Sarabha came here and installed 
himself in Thirubhuvanam, which is very near the village.

I have taken photographs of the temple and I am planning to publish the same 

Kindest regards,
TAMILNADU, INDIA. PH:+=91+44+24421420 mobile: 94440 21420.


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