[Advaita-l] Re: Questions on Isvara

Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy annapureddy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 18:16:12 CDT 2006

praNAmamulu meekunu shiva sEnAni gAru,
             Thanks for your patience in answering the questions.
Haha...your Mathematics was funny :-) Allow me to point out though
that your Mathematics breaks down when brahma (i.e., B) is taken to be
infinity (a very reasonable assumption :-)). In any case, I did not
presume to capture the concepts of brahma with Mathematics (though I
do feel the analogies are very good).

>   Your poser "why does Isvara not cure the world of evil" is valid, without the
>   involved derivations preceding it.

The reason I gave the definitions was to convey the idea that jIva is
an integral part
of Isvara. It is not just the case that Isvara and jIva are different
entities and Isvara controls the jIva (because of His power). Thus,
the case that a jIva could be violated by Isvara (given that Isvara is
all-merciful etc.) does not arise at all IMHO. In other words, why
ought Isvara to feel bad about changing a jIva from evil to good? This
is what I wanted to bring out.

>   Pushing further, we say, just after srishTi, there is no sancita (accumulated) or
>  prArabdha karma. The slate being clean, how and why did pApakAryAs start?
> Because the first being or the first faintly evil being had an evil thought. O God, why
> did you let that evil thought spring up? Or if you had to create with a definite evil
> component in it, why did you create at all?

The theory of karma also answers this question. You only have to posit
the anaditva of the jIvas (and by implication of their karmas) to
answer this part of the question. In other words, there is no such
first point when an evil thought sprung up.

>   At this stage, I am told, God's answer is "Lila - Sport, my dear! This is my sport!"

This seems to be the only way out. I just wanted to make sure what the
"official" position of advaita was.



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