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Thu Jul 20 00:22:22 CDT 2006

Dear Madhavaji,
  Your mail reflects the state of mind of every sadhaka who has just taken up up to the study of the Shastras. 
  These confusions are a part and parcel of our understanding of the jiva- jagat-isvara sambhandha and the bheda.
  So my humble suggestion would be please find a teacher with you whom you find your comfort zone, who can guide you through the study process. This requires and indepth study not as an academic approach or logical approach but as a subjective inquiry into the sastras.
  Shravanam - continuous, uninterrupted listening,
  mananam- reflecting seriously and religiously on the teaching and nidhidhyasanam - assimilation of the knowledge. 
  This requires a guidance from a competent teacher from the sampradaya parampara, till such time one comes to the understanding that nothing can be added or deleted or  nothing can be avoided in this janma and in this jagat.
  'Every thing has a place of its own and a purpose'  which only Isvara knows.
  When I say "Isvara knows,' You may say 'this is dvaita.'  Yes. With this limited upAdhi I have to understand the limitless. I have to start from dvaita to understand advaita in my buddhi. The upalabdhi sthAnam of knowledge for the human upAdhi is only  in the buddhi.
  If the question is posed "For how long should the study continue?" The answer is "depends on the upAdhi."
  Wishing you all the best
  om namo narayanaya
  Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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