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Thu Jul 20 01:05:01 CDT 2006

--- ramesh badisa <badisa66 at yahoo.com> wrote:


>   �As quoted if jeevatma is different and going to merge with
> paramatma  
> aftrter death, than  clearly there are two....where is advaita?�
> Badisa: Merging in paramatma is a fact whether we accept or not.

Merging in paramAtman never happens. One only realizes that the Atman
is always the paramAtman. The idea of "merging" is from the yoga
school and is refuted by advaitins.

> Brahma Sutra 4.3.10 clearly says this. Lord Krishna also says many
> times in Gita in this regard. For example, please refer 9/28 sloka
> and then compare it with sri Shankara�s commentary.  

Brahma sUtra 4.3.10 says nothing about "merging". Neither does BG

> Badisa: The bottom
> line is that a jeevan mukta still has mind.

Absolutely false!

One of the chief pre-requisites for jIvanmukti is manonAsha or
destruction of the mind. Please refer to the jIvanmuktiviveka of


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