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Ravishankar Venkatraman <sunlike at hotmail.com> wrote:    Sastriji - I would like to know how Mahatmas are able to read others' 
thoughts? Personally I have seen some of the holy saints reading my own thoughts and directing me accordingly. Similarly we have read such events in the life histories of other saints.
  Namste Raviji,
  "Mahatmas can read others mind." - Yes.
  This is a yoga siddhi. If they have practised for many years, as a phala of the yogabhyasa, this capacity to read others mind becomes natural to them. What looks a miracle to us is innate to them. This, as a siddhi, is quoted in Patanjali yogasutra, third Chapter VibhUti pAda.
  People who have been working as teachers for many years and have handled many students, also develop this capacity, as pedegogues, due to their experience. Here the experience teaches.
  Intimate friends understand and are able to read the mind of each other. I have seen devoted couples who have had a long partnership in life do so.
  Aren't parents able to read the mind of the children? also come to wrong conclusions because of their expectations? 
  We are not thinking any new thoughts. These thoughts have been thought over and over and over again by our ancestors and passed down to us. Even the speaking has been so. There is nothing new. Nothing new can be added anyway. Any new discovery is giving life to ideas and concepts which were lying asleep - dormant.
  There is the individual mind - vyashti- taijasa and the collective mind - samashti- hiranyagarbha.
  Samashti mind includes 'all minds in the creation.' So nothing is unknown to the samashti mind.
  The individual mind considers himself/herself as limited because of ignorance.  The smallest wave in the ocean, is it not the ocean too?
  Constantly we have to remember that the individual mind is a part of the collective mind, like individual trees that make a forest. Every individual has been endowed with all capacities. But the potential is always under used. Hardly 5%. Einstien could use 15%. Then what about our rishis? Shastras give various reasons for this based on  Karma.
  The mahatmas, by their sAdhana have tuned their minds to the frequency of the samashti mind in some capacities. So they are able to do so. Reading others mind is one such capacity, a by-product of their sAdhana.
  Raviji if you want to achieve this, as a siddhi, you can also try and achieve this. This is no big deal. The question is - for what purpose?
  PurushArtha nischaya is very important in life. If moksha is the goal of the pursuit in life, then everything else is of no importance.
  I stand to be corrected.
  om namo narayanaya.
Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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