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Thu Jul 20 13:27:21 CDT 2006

--- Lakshmi Muthuswamy <lakmuthu at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Namaste,
>   I think as students we are more concerned and judgemental about how
> a "TEACHER SHOULD BE" rather than what and how he is teaching. We have
> fixed ideas about the teachers. We want them to fit into our structure
> of thinking and our ideals.

Lakshmiji - You are absoluely right. I could not have said it better.
Your note reminds me of the Bhajagovindam sloka:

yogaratova bhogaratova
sangaratova sanghavihiinaH|
yadyat brahmani ramate chittam
nandati nadati nadatyeva||

One finds one's apppropriate guru due to blessings of the many lives
says Shankara. Appropriate guru will come when the student is ready to
surrender. That is the Law. 

Hari OM!

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