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Continued - 3
  Verse  2   
  eShA vyathetarakRteti mamesha tasmin
  kopo yadi svaparakAmamukhaprasUtA
  sa ayam vyatheti mayi me na katham nu kopah
  svasya vyathA svaduritaprabhavA hi sarvA
  Why do I get angry with people? I get angry because they are causing me troubles and they are harming/ hurting me. They are disturbing my peace of mind.
  So eShA vyathA itara kRtA “All these problems are caused only due to others/them” I do complain.- and I am angry with them. Iti mama Isha tasmin kopah the author is addressing the Lord all the way.
  The very same logic can be applied further. The logic is “ whoever troubles me, I am angry with them”. 
  I have numerous defects in me like kAma, krodha, lobha,mada, mAtsarya, moha, raga, dvesha etc. These very defects in me are the trouble mongers. My own mind is giving me trouble because of my raga/dvesha problem and my very personality creates trouble. Shouldn’t I be angry with myself? Have I ever been angry with myself addressing my mind? Oh Mind! Why are you troubling me with raga? This dvesha in me is giving me so many problems! When I hate some one my blood pressure rises to my head. Even the very thought of them my facial expression changes. As I talk to them dvesha is written all over my face and my tone/voice changes. If my own rAgadveshAdi doShAs are causing me dukham, why am I not getting angry with my own mind?
  Anger is because of svadoShah like para kAma mukha prasUtA- para viShaye kAmah krodhAh sati Doshas are caused by kAma krodha 
  Seyam na katham na kopah why am I not getting angry with my defects?
  Because its is very clear that svasya vyathA durita prabhavA – all the suffereing I undergo are arising out of my own weaknesses, either because of the weaknesses present now or of the past including my own dushTa karma called prArabdha. Therefore I should be angry with myself and not show my anger upon others
  Verse 3  kAmaprabhRtyakhiladoSha nidhermamaiShah
  mayyAh doShamiti ko nu duragrahah asmin
  heyatvamAlapati yah ayamalam hi kena
  vyoh atha sattvavati sah ayam asatkimAha
  I have got a complaint to lodge. What is the complaint? That other people have complaints about me. People are complaining about me. He/she is finding fault with me saying I am wrong. 
  After learning this aShtakam I should not find fault with others. I should not find fault with others, complaining, that others are finding fault with me. This is not my job.- I should not find fault with others and I should not be bothered whether others are finding fault with me or not.
  Whose botheration is it? It is their botheration not mine. But I am always bothered and worried and concerned – that the others are finding fault with me.
  In this verse he explains what is wrong in this. When, I  look at my self, I deserve to find fault with myself. Because I have all the doShAs. If others are commenting on me, they are not uttereing any lie. They are speaking the truth. They speak what they perceive of me.Why should I be angry for that? 
  Who am I?  I am a rich person. The author enumerates the qualification. KAma prabRtyakhiladoSha nidhih – I possess a huge nidhi – treasure house. What is in it? Gold wealth
? No. Its filled to the brim with kAma krodhAdi sarva doshAh. All the defects are available in full measure in me.Nidheh mama eShah –
   eshah –somebody is standing near me and  Mayidosham Aha criticised me, 
  turagrahah asmin kah nu – why am I getting so wild with the other person complaining that the other person talked about my defects? He has  spoken the truth about me..
  heyatvam Alapati – he propagates saying not to approach me or go near me. The other people are talking about me saying that I am to be avoided.
  If the other person is speaking about me like this,  kena vAryah? How can he be stopped from talking? Who can stop others from complaining/discussing about me? My treasures attract. 
  I am rich in all the sampatti – asuri sampatti
  Sattva vati mayi kim asat Aha – He has not talked about anything that is not there in me. It is not atasmin tadbuddhih, but it is tasmin tadbuddhih. So why do I get angry when others are stating facts about me? The others can gossip about me, but just because they do so, I am not supposed to talk ill of him.
  To be continued
  Om namo narayanaya
  Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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