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Sun Jul 23 22:51:36 CDT 2006

Brihadaranyakopanishad II ? 4 ? 10 says  ?*asya mahato bhUtasya
nishvasitametat ?*  This was the exhaled breath of the Great Lord.
The Vedas are the breath of the Lord. They are as old as He.  He did
not create them. There was no time when the Lord did not exist. So
also of the Vedas.

Hare Krishna

I have a small doubt here...in bruhadAraNyaka we have list of R^shis who
have realised the ultimate (brahma jnAni-s in R^shi paraMpara)...whether
shruti predicted future brahma jnAni's & mentioned those names or this
upanishad *written* after these R^shis realisation??  Considering the
traditional belief that vEda-s are apaurushEya, we have to say it is
former.  But if that is the case, how can shruti excluded the names of
shankara bhagavadpAda, ramaNa etc. etc. who we consider with utmost faith
as brahma jnAni-s??  just a curious academic question..nothing to disturb
our firm conviction in shruti-s apaurushEyatva...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!!

PS :  I am posing this question to Advaita-L also, just to get the opnions
of scholars there...

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