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DoShaparihArAShThakam continued

  Verse – 5   
  doSham parasya nanu gRnhAti mayyanena
  svAtmaiSha eva paragAvasamAhRtena
  durvastunena malinIkriyate tadanya
  doShagrhAdahaha kim na nivartitavyam
  The author is highlighting a very brilliant idea in this verse, on the quality of the thought in the mind.
  What kind of thought is in our mind, when we are thinking of other peoples’ doSha? Good? Or bad thought? DoSha chinta. The quality of the thought is dirty!!!
  When the mind is constantly dwelling on doShas, the mind imbibes the very same doShas too. This is the psychology.
  A comparison is given here: Supposing the hand or any part of the body comes into contact with a dirty object.  What happens? Does it remain clean or dirty? 
  Similarly, When I am constantly thinking /talking about the other person’s defect, I am constantly touching the other person’s dirt, with what? With my mind, like even I touch the dirt with my hands. What happens to my mind? Like the hands, my mind becomes dirty.
  Parasya doSham grNhAti mayi- when other’s doShas are constantly spoken by me
  Mama manah malinI kriyate – my mind alone gets dirty
  Comparison – paragAtra samanena durvastunena eva – it is like coming into contact with the impurities of the other body.
  With what am I contacting the dirt in another person’s body? With my own body! 
  Like even a contagious disease spreads, when I come into contact with – not to mention the common cold – a sneeze is enough to be passed on to me.
  Similarly, if I talk about the doShas of the other person, the doShas also spread in me alone.
  Therefore, tadanya doSha grahAt –Shouldn’t I avoid talking about these impurities? Shouldn’t I avoid getting myself dirtied, sullied.polluted
  To be continued

  Om namo Narayanaya
  Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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