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Pranams to Reddygaru
  I  do not know what is authentic advaithic views, but feel that Bhagavatha is more on the lines of personyfying 'Ksrihna' and wouldnt go well with 'jnana marga' of Shri . Shankara. Secondly , as you mentioned,it is qutie possible for these puranas comming post to Shankara period as these could  be the works of some dwaitic scholor.

Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy <annapureddy at gmail.com> wrote:
  praNAm.h all,
Could someone clarify what the traditional advaita vEdAntic
position on the purANas is, vis-a-vis the following questions:

-- Is there any agreement on the date of the bhAgavata purANa in
traditional schools/academia?
-- It seems like the bhAgavata purANa was known by the time of
shaN^kara. Is this correct btw? If true, is there a reason shaN^kara
doesn't quote it in his BGB? Could it be because the bhAgavata isn't
in line with advaita vEdAnta?
-- Wendy Doniger seems to date many of the purANas later to shaN^kara.
Is there any consensus on this? At least, what is the opinion of the
tradition on this issue? Are the purANas always treated to be 18 in
number (not possible in shaN^kara's times if Wendy were to be



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