[Advaita-l] Upadesha Panchakam 1

Taina Kilpiainen tutteli at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 03:18:27 CDT 2006

Dear Abhishek,

Thank you for slokas!

I have bought some cd's which includes part of
different slokas of different chantings /upanisads

These cd's are: Sacret chants of shiva (Shivoham,
Shiva manas puja etc.., Shivoham, different chantings
of Shiva, Himalayan chants, includes part of chntings
Kathopanisad, Taittiriya Upanisads etc. I wanted to
see and read these chantings completely, I wanted to
write them and to learn chant them, so I wanted to ask
from where I could get chantings and upanishads etc
just same way when you have put below.

Some marks see in my computer in mode "^", I don't
know what letter comparae/equivalent

"vedo nityamAdhIyatAM taduditaM karma svanuShThIyatAM
teneshasya vidhIyatAmapachitiH kAmye matistyajyatAm|
pApoughaH paridhUyatAM bhavasukhe doSho'nusandhIyatA-
mAtmechCha vyvasIyatAM nijagR^ihAttUrNaM

I am sorry my bad english, sometimes it feel so
difficult when I have so less possibilities to find
scriptures, they have so extreme less to available in
my country.

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