[Advaita-l] proper method of worshiping right-trunked Ganesh murti

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Wed Nov 1 08:21:21 CST 2006

>We have a idol of Lord Ganesha installed with other dieties in our place of 
>worship. We do a very >simple pooja every day i.e in the morning & the 
>evening with simple prayers. Off late I have >noticed that the Ganapati 
>idol (Metal) installed is a right trunked one in sitting position. My 
>have told me that this type of Ganapati Idol would require special worship.

There are many different forms of Ganesha described in texts such as the 
shAradA-tilaka-tantra, the mudgala purANa, prapaJNcha-sAra-tantra, etc. 
mudgala purANa, a staunch gANapatya purANa describes 32 forms which are also 
found in temple sculptures and paintaings. These include the bAla gaNapati, 
siddhi-gaNapati, uchchhiShTa gaNapati, heraMba gaNapati, and mahA gaNapati. 
The type of trunk (shuNDa) may also vary. In some cases, there is not one 
but three trunks, called trishuNDa. Then there are images where the trunk is 
curved to the right, dakShiNAvarta. A gaNapati image where the trunk curves 
to the right is regarded as powerful among the tantriks.

The texts also describe the dhyAna mantra, nyAsa, mUla-mantra, yantra (a 
diagram representing the deity), and tantra or ritual, such as pUjA and 
homa, for each form of gaNapati. For example, the mahAgaNapati form that is 
quite popular among Ganesha worhippers has its own dhyAna mantra starting 
with bIjApUra-gadekShu-kArmuka-lasachchakrAbjapAshotpala, nyAsa with part of 
the mUla mantra shrIM hrIM klIM glauM. The mUla mantra is the same as the 
one used in a commonly performed gaNapati homa.

The special worship of a particular form of gaNapati with the special 
mantra, etc. as mentioned above is specifically recommened for special 
favors. For example, if one wants to seek immense wealth, a form of gaNapati 
called lakShmI-gaNapati is worshipped in a special way. However, if one is 
not interested in special favors or is performing worship as a nitya-karma 
(obligatory karma) only, then the general worship may be performed even if 
the form of gaNapati is special or rare, as in the case of the dakShiNAvarta 
trunked gaNapati.

If one wants to do the special worship, one should learn it from a Guru, 
rather than rely on mere books or information available on the Internet.


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