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  Oh my God !
  The Sundaraman i have referred to is no more alive.  He is a contemporary of Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar of Tamil Nadu and also Tamil Taatha U.Ve. Swaminatha Aiyer, the very famous disciple of Mahavidwan Sri Minakshi Sundaram Pillai - all of Tamil Nadu.   That Sundaraman is referred to in the Deivathin Kural by the Kanchi Mahaperiyval as a scholar.
  That Sundaraman has written an article reviewing the Sanskrit work - Mulavida Nirasa of Holenarsipur Swami Sachidanandendra Saraswathi, for which that Swamiji (during his Purvashrama) has written a reply essay.  I have a copy of the latter.    
  That's it boss. i am not "dragging" any one into anything.  Please.  
  Anyway, it is so nice to see such good classes are hapenning at Madras; i have met once Mani Dravid, and he is a such a simple person.  I learn that he is a disciple of Shastra Ratnakara Pranthiyangarai Sri Subrahmanya Sastrigal.  Mani Dravid has been honoured as "Vedanta Kesari" by the Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamigal.
  We at Mumbai are not that lucky anyway.
sundararaman <sundararaman_k at dataone.in> wrote:
K Sundara Raman,
Flat No 1C,Karpaga Vijayam,
1,Subramaniam street,Abhiramapuram,
Chennai Pin code: 600 018
Phone no 044-24995576
sundararaman_k at dataone.in
Ram ram
One Mr Venkatasubramanian has dragged by name into Holenarasipur prakria(HP) and I would like to clarify as follows:
I have been visiting Mathur to meet Mathur Swamigal(Tyagu of Bombay) for the past three years for religious discussions.In fact I am trying to bring out a monograph comparing Vivarana,Bhamithi as well as HP in English in the larger interest of Hindu Philosophy.People in Mathur are not interested as they have decided not to study Vivarana or Bhamithi besides not being well versed in English.Mr Subbaraya Sarma of Bangalore who belongs to HP taking classes regularly in Bangalore is well versed in English and has visited abroad.I had met him and requested him to undertake this project with support from Chennai Vidwans sothat the monograph comes out.In fact I want a Seminor at my residence in Abhiramapuram to be held when Mr Subbaraya Sharma can make a presentation.He feels that this exercise is not necessary and God will enlighten people over a period of time that HP is correct.I have told him that the same God has ordained me to undertake this project and no sooner I complete
 the same I will send a copy of the same.

While I was in USA I came to know that Martha Doherty
has obtained a Ph.d degree from Harward University criticising HP;I got in touch with her at Sylosburg and she promised to send me a copy and my reminders proved in vain.I believe that this desertation is being brought out as a book for sale.I wanted to meet this lady to find out whether she can undertake to complete this monograph provided she has fair knowledge of Vivarana and Bhamithi schools.While I was in USA she sent me a mail stating that she is on a visit in India and has not replied me subsequently.
Members are aware two books-one in Adisankara Bhashya Sangraha on Brahmasutra and Adv.siddhi sangraha have been brought out by our Study Group and these are available in pdf format of this group.

Dr Mani Dravid of Varanasi presently inn the faculty of Madras Sanskrit College is taking Brahma Suthra Classes for advanced students of vedantha in Tamil at my residence in Abhiramapuram and this has been brought to the notice of this group by a separate web page.His lectures are available in MP3 format.There are requests from non tamilians for English translation of these lectures and we are trying to honour this request.
I have one important observation to make.Holenarasipur Swamigal has done a good service by translating prasthana Tria bhashya of Sri Adisankara into Kannada and even a child in Mathur is able to explain the Bhashya very clearly.I thing we all first should complete this task.In fact the classes at my place in Abhiramapuram were started only with this purpose in mind.Dr Mani Dravid also takes classes on Upanishads also twice a week in tamil covering Adisankara Bhashya and he has completed eight upanishads and is presently taking Chandokya Upanishad.These classes are available in MP3 Cds.
Ram ram
K Sundararaman

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