[Advaita-l] Siddhi Literatures

Antharyami sathvatha at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 20:36:47 CST 2006

Hari Om,
Atma Siddhi of Alavandar and Sarvartha siddhi of vEdAnta Desika are two
other Siddhi literatures (visishtAdvaita). Sarvartha Siddhi is the appendix
or supplement to TatvamuktA kalApam. understanding these works helps to gain
good knowledge of Advaita at vyAvahArika standpoint. (atleast for the
beginners) please do know, that Advaita goes much much far beyond these
concepts. members who want to know about khyAti on visitAdvaita standpoint
may also use the above vernaculars. Have any here come across the concept of
'yathArtha khyAthi' ? other than the panca khyAthi's ?

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