[Advaita-l] yathArthakhyAthi

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Tue Nov 7 19:22:05 CST 2006

Hari Om,
Anand ji & Balasubramanian ji,
yathArtha khyathi is also mentioned by VedAnta Desika as very precisely '
akhyathir samvalita yathArthakhyAthir' in his TatvamukthAkalApam. though
Srinivasa Rao gives many nuances to all the pramAnAs you have stated. Desika
says all that is Bhrama is mere worldly happening which is yathArtha
(ordinary sense). Anyways, if in case modern visistAdvaitins would respond
to  such aruguments, i dont know how they would account to things that are
artificiallly made and Bhrama is born out of it. for example, a plastic
shell when painted in silver colour, there is possibility of looking it as
silver though. how then would pancIkarana work here. the break down in
atomic and molecular level would prove the original shell is completely
differing with the plastic one? visistAdvaitins will find it difficult to
acccount for the distinct features like silverness, shellness with those of
shiningness, and so on. apart from this, take for example platinum and
silver. the weight, appearrence, status, everything is same. even here the
pancikarana prakiriya cannot be annotated since it would lead to a fallacy
and ambiguity of apprehension. sensing all these problems visistAdvaitins
perhaps felt discomfort with the incompatibility of the term 'sat khyathi'
with its literal sense and hence the term yathArtha khyathi was deployed as
the smart way for answering these dilemmas, which vEdanta Desika diligently
did both in TatvamukthAkalApam and in sarvArtha siddhi. actually the term
yathArtha khyAthi is sought from the very idea of Advaitins 'anirvacana
khyAthi' (neither real nor unreal) which visistAdvaitins  discerned it to
yathArtha khyAthi. in a way they fall in line with the basic idea of
anirvacana khyAthi only. Lets work on it.

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