[Advaita-l] BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 2 (The Case of YAGYavalkya)

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Thu Nov 9 23:30:22 CST 2006

praNAms Sri Kartik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

prabhuji you had written :

To recapitulate SV's arguments against the jIvanmukti of YAGYavalkya:
1) He had a desire for victory.
2) Either he had a thirst for wealth, or he wished to snub others.
3) He got angry at SAkalya and cursed him to death.

bhaskar :

With all due respects to mahAtma-s like vidyAraNya, kindly allow me to
express my few doubts...Please dont think I am raising objections on Sri
vidyAraNya's interpretation of jIvanmukti...These doubts naturally come to
my mind after reading your above conclusions.

In the first point you said yAgyAvalkya had the desire for victory which is
not supposed to be the case of jIvan mukta....But prabhuji, did not
shankara had the desire to debate with maNdana mishra ??  did not shankara
had the desire to sit on the seat of sarvajnA??  had he not engaged in
heated debates to justify his claims??  And what about bhagavaan Sri
krishna?? has he not shown his desire/passion on somany occasions in his
illustrious career?? We have read somany episodes which depict their
characters below par of a jIvan mukta.then, what about bhagavadpAda &
krishna bhagavaan?? can we say they have the *desire* hence not jIvan
muktas in a perfect sense??  ..But, as you know, we have the justifiable
answers for these behaviours...and never ever questioned the credibility of
their status of jIvan mukti...is it not??  Same arguments/doubts can be
stretched to your second and third point also...The question is can we
determine the status of a jnAni by his external behaviour??

Further, this yAGYAvalkya's episode triggers one more doubt in my
mind...we, vaidika dharma followers firmly believe that vEda-s are
apaurushEya...but going by *real life incidents* in shrutis, we are forced
to believe that these incidents have really taken place at some point of
time & *after* that somebody else has accounted in the bruhadAraNyaka
shruti....dont you think prabhuji, by this, the status of aparushEyatva of
vEda-s become shaky??...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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