[Advaita-l] BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 2 (The Caseof YAGYavalkya)

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sAshtAnga praNAms to Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks a lot for taking time to reply me prabhuji. It is always nice
feeling to see that my mail is getting the attention of my cybernet guruji
Sri Vidya prabhuji.

Sri VS prabhuji:

This is because Sruti does not set out to describe a biography of
yAjnavalkya. Rather, the upanishad only uses the episodes pertinent to the
brahmodya-s in janaka's court and the final saMnyAsa of yAjnavalkya to
tattva, through the mouth of yAjnavalkya himself.

bhaskar :

yes, that means the context of these episodes are not to prove whether
yAjnavalkya is a perfect/imperfect brahmajnAni but something else...Hence,
undue stretching of yAjnavalkya's behaviour to prove his status of Atma
jnAna is totally unwarranted here I believe...

Sri VS prabhuji :

>question remains for the readers that whether yAGYAvalkya finally realized
>his true nature & became jIvan mukta or not??  and also we have to accept

As a brahmavit, yAjnavalkya had already realized his true nature.

bhaskar :

prabhuji, being a brahmavit yAjnavalkya has become brahman itself is it
not??...coz. shruti itself assures brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati...shruti
never categorizes two types of brahmavits like perfect/firm and
imperfect/infirm brahmavits..If yAjnavalkya had *really* realized his true
nature where is the question of avidyA lEsha & arrogance on the part of
yAjnavalkya prabhuji?? Moreover,  where is the question of nAma rUpa upAdhi
identification for a brahma jnAni like yAgnavalkya??    donot shruti-s
declare that after brahma jnAna bhidyate hrudaya grantiM, chidyante sarva
saMshayAH??!! Prabhuji, where shruti says some brahmavits will have residue
of avidyA & some wont!!

Sri VS prabhuji:

>However, I am still finding it difficult to understand the difference
>between Sri Karthik prabhuji's description of a brahmajnAni who has
>completed infirm sAdhana-chatushhTaya, infirm BrahmaGYAna incomplete mukti
>etc. AND a person who has intellectual understanding of shAstra vAkya &
>quoting & talking authoritatively on brahma jnAna by memorizing the
>upanishadic teaching....I find hardly any difference between these two

Bhaskarji, we can immediately identify the latter, because we can recognize
ourselves (at least I can :-) ) in that type! One should view the teaching
of AcArya vidyAraNya in JMV as being descriptive of various stages of
mumukshutva and jnAna, rather as an effort to set forth the darSana of
advaita vedAnta itself.

bhaskar :

Yes, that is what I mean prabhuji...we can only identify the people who
have only scholarly understanding of scriptures..but it is very hard to
recognise the people with perfect & established brahmajnAni-s & imperfect
brahmavits or brahmajnAni-s...Hardly, we can put a demarcation line between
imperfect brahmajnAni and a scholar of scriptures...and shruti also does
not come to our help to differentiate these two different
characters...prabhuji, what about shrOtrIya ??  he belongs to which

Kindly correct me if I said / asked anything wrong.

Your humble servent
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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