[Advaita-l] ADMIN: Closing some discussion threads

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 15 18:27:25 CST 2006

I hereby declare the threads with the following subject lines closed.

SSS on "Effort after GYAna"
Holenarsipur Prakriya

I request members not to respond to old mails in these thread nor to post 
any new mails on the above subject lines. I am fully aware that there is a 
great intensity of feeling on both sides of the debate and many questions, 
doubts and impressions remain unadressed. However, I see no point in further 
continuing the discussion along the current lines.

The threads on "Locus of avidyA" and "BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti" are NOT 
closed. Some of the fundamental questions raised on mUlAvidyA, avidyA-leSa, 
anirvacanIyatva of avidyA and mAyA etc., will necessarily have to be 
discussed in these two threads.

On behalf of the moderating team

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