[Advaita-l] Haven't we had enough!

savithri devaraj savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 10:00:28 CST 2006

  Nothing substantial was being said about Swamiji's writings, except that Swamiji called everyone blind, and this was repeated over and over again... There was no objectivity. Why does Swamiji have to justify/defend himself to all posterity, what he said in one context? He had said in one relevant context that some of the vyAkhyAnakAras seemed like blind leading the blind. Extending that to his own upadesha gurus and incriminating him for that is a run-away argument. And read out of context, some casual surfer might tend to believe this, coming from a respectable forum....
  There is a lot of value with this forum, it shouldn't stoop to this level - why beat up someone who has done yeoman service to advaita, and who can't defend for himself? 
  This was totally a personal attack on Swamiji, and we (including the moderators of this forum) should not sit around simply when some baseless allegations are made on anyone for that matter, leave alone someone who dedicated his life to Sankara advaita...
  Hence, I was forced to write so strongly...., nothing personal. I do understand the role of moderators here. I also understand it the responsibility of every contributing member to excercise certain self-control in what they write. It would be good to add value with every posting, and authenticate what is writen.... 

Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:  
> I don't understand why the moderators allow such politics in an august 
>forum like this?? Why can't this thread be put to rest?

To repeat, we do not actively moderate postings to this list. This means 
that what each member posts automatically reaches the in-boxes of all list 
members. One of us interferes only when a discussion gets out of hand and 
strays into a situation where there is more heat than light.

On the thread(s) relating to SSS's views and counter-views, we honestly 
thought it would quiten down naturally, especially after the two most 
frequent posters (Ramakrishnan and Venkata Subramanian) both said they had 
posted their last mails on the topic. It looks like everyone has said 
whatever they needed to say, so let us all agree to disagree and consider 
the discussion closed.

I will send a separate ADMIN message shortly in this regard.


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