[Advaita-l] New member introduction: Mahadevan Babu

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Wed Nov 22 09:04:25 CST 2006


Full Name:  Mahadevan Babu.
Babu is how I am called by my folks and Mahadevan is my father's name.

I was born in Tirunelvelli Town and studies my school in St. Ignatius
Loyala Convent & St Johns, Palayamkottai.  Then moved over to Madras
for my high school and College.

I am living now in Sydney with my wife and 1 daughter.

All I knew from my childhood time are the living representative of
Lord in this world, H.H. The Shakaracharyals of Sringeri.
With their blessings, I am a firm believer of Advaita Vedanta and
learning every day in understanding this more & more from all
possible channnels.

Hoping to learn more from various learned pundits in your forum and
would be happy to know about yourself too.

Yours sincerely

Dev Babu

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