[Advaita-l] BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 3 (Non-contradiction with other Vedantic texts)

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Thu Nov 23 13:27:46 CST 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI jayanArAyaNan,

On 11/24/06, S Jayanarayanan <sjayana_at_yahoo.com> wrote:
> Actually, from my reading of the JMV, it seems that it is precisely
> yoga that distinguishes the kR^itopAsti from the akR^itopAsti --
> because it is yoga that makes BrahmaGYAna steady. Since the
> kR^itopAstis have already performed Karma Yoga, their GYAna is steady
> when it dawns, but as the akR^itopAstis have not performed Karma Yoga
> adequately, their GYAna requires effort in yoga for steadiness.

i guess it is just a difference in emphasis whether the kRtopAsti-s
excel the kRtopAsti-s in yoga or vairAgya. as a matter of fact, for
precisely the same reason you have mentioned, i concluded that it was
a difference in vairAgya. this is because to grasp brahmaj~nAna, a
sharp intellect is necessary (the agribuddhi mentioned in Ka.Up.).
this sharpness of the intellect is obtained by yogAbhyAsa. to maintain
the obtained knowledge, renunciation of all desires and latent
tendencies that obstruct such a maintainance is required. thus, in the
sAdhanAs mentioned by bhagavatpAda after the dawn of samyagj~nAna, we
find (in BUBh.1.4.7) tyAga, vairAgya etc. being mentioned. thus, it
seems that vairAgya is what maintains brahmaj~nAna and hence that is
what differentiates the two category of seekers.

anyway, the basic point is that both yogAbhyAsa and tIvra vairAgya are

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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