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Thu Nov 23 19:19:26 CST 2006

my name is Manish K Mokshagundam, a brief intro is given below:

Indologist, Film Maker, Philosopher, Ex – Indian Army; Officers Training 
Academy, presently completing my Doctoral research in Ancient Indian 
Knowledge Communication

An exponent of dhyana yoga, I combine Indology and Film making to advocate 
developmental change with emphasis on the socio economic proviso of various 
cultures of the world

I am an avid traveler, into adventure sports like trekking, skiing, river 
rafting & solo biking.  Have written several papers interpreting the ancient 
Indian Darshanas by utilizing modern scientific knowledge. Further more i 
regularly give discourses & initiations on philosophy & tantra at various 
theological institutes & ashramas – with the idea of enjoining theory with 
the empirical by
concentrating on the great as well as the mundane

hitherto my field of work has been with people educated with the "western 
bend of mind", these days i am involved in vedantik research with "srotriya 
scholars" from south india

manish mokshagundam

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