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Ms. Elisabeth

The exact Sanskrit equivalent of immanent is entirely dependent on the context.

To use the example from a hot topic on the list, if it is held that while Isvara is immanent, Brahman is transcedent, then the two sanskrit words to be used are vyAvahArika and pAramArthika, as indeed Mr. Amuthan pointed out by saying that Isvara is associated with the vyAvahArika satta ('immanent' existence, or more correctly worldly existence).

In a different sensse, and a more natural word for immanent is iha. A very common advice in various upadeSas in Sanskrit literature, such as hanumAn's to rAvaNa, is that a specific course of action (in this case, the return of Sita) would secure both immanent and transcedent benefits - in this sense, the words used are 'iha' and 'para', and their sense is captured by their secondary derivatives 'ihikam' and 'pAramArthikam'. iha & para are used together most commonly - almost always in the above sense, as in ihapara-soukhyam and ihapara-artha.

In a different sense, not in a sense oppposed to transcedent, but in the sense of pervading everything, as in "the divine is immanent in, and indeed the basic ingredient of, the world" the word to be used is 'antaryAmi' - 'the moving force within'.


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Looking for the sanskrit translation of the word " immanent ", we find
nothing is the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon,
nothing in the Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary,
nothing in the Concise Pahlavi Dictionary.

If " transcendant " means " pAramita ", do you suggest a sanskrit word for " 
immanent " ?


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