[Advaita-l] Re: Ishvara in advaita vEdAnta

K Kathirasan NCS kkathir at ncs.com.sg
Wed Nov 29 22:10:34 CST 2006


<<Just to remove any confusion, I did not intend that your anumAna was
fanciful imagination. All I meant was that shaN^kara refers to nirguNa
brahma in theistic terms very often, and this means that any reference
saguNa brahma could be easily interpreted to point to nirguNa brahma,
hence the confusion regarding the actual existence (in vyavahAra, of
of such a saguNa entity and His lOkas.>>

Siddharthaji, you have made a very good point. Shankara does not clearly
distinguish Ishvara from Brahman. In fact, at times Ishvara is also
taken to be Hiranyagarbha. And Nirguna Brahman as well. Om. 


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