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On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, viswanathan n wrote:

> Shri Vyasji
> Thanks a lot for such a splendid presentation of Garuda Puarana in nutshell. 
> Till now I was thinking that Garuda Purana is mere ritualistic recitation in 
> dwaitic tradition. Thanks again to make me understand that it also contains 
> nector of Jnana.
> But I didnt understand why you tried defending the rituals/ shastras in 
> footnotes when things were so clear in the body itself. I always felt  those 
> are mere means and once you understood "The Truth" even those are to dropped 
> just as forgetting the boat after crossing the river. No point in getting 
> attached to the boat and carrying it, isnt it?

It is easy to talk about Vairagya but how many can actually put it into 
practice?  Yesterday was the cremation of the mother and son I mentioned. 
I was there and when I saw that little baby looking as if he was just 
sleeping next to his mommy and the wailing and crying of all those who 
were now seperated from them, did I who write all these "scholarly" words 
on advaita-l think of Vairagya and Moksha?  No I immediately thought of my 
own wife and little children.  This is the natural tendency of the human 
vessel that imprisons the immortal atma.  Only a few rare saints can 
immediately apprehend the true import of the Shastras but for the rest of 
us merciful Bhagawan has set the path of Karma alongside Jnana so those of 
lesser ability may also build up Vairagya over time.  Above all, an 
Advaitin has to be truthful--to others but especially to his self.  If one 
believes in Vedanta but can't put it into practice that is not something 
to be ashamed of but a problem to be worked on.  The Shastras provide 
the key.

This is why the Garuda Purana and allAdvaitic works will tell you that 
until the time when one is mentally and physically ready for sannyasa, all 
the nitya and naimittika Karmas _MUST_ be observed.  In fact an Advaitin 
will be even more diligent in this regard than a dualist because the 
latter is only following the dictates of the Shastras out of self-interest 
and ulterior motives whereas the advaitin only does so out of a sense of 
duty and with a view to eventually transcending it.

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