[Advaita-l] Is vairAgya/renunciation a result of glumness??

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viveka sure ignites dispassion.  I completely agree.  I think it is a
gradual process.  As the person accumulates knowledge on the temporal nature
of things around him over several births, he tends to acquire dispassion
towards it.  That way, there may be a dispassion of nurturing bad thoughts,
unwanted clutter of mind, tendancy to dissociate with certain
situation/people etc., etc.

Vairaagya towards such agnana is most crucial aspect for a sadhaka.  It is
very difficult to let go of luxuries and in the same way, it is always
difficult to let go of agnana too.   As the person acquire viveka he gets
dispassioned.  We may attach some or the other cause for such a vairagya but
there may be a chain of reactions in a jeeva's previous births which led to
him becoming a seeker of truth. But when the knowledge/viveka is ripe it
happens and when it happens the jeeva never take a look back, I guess.  Till
then it is all 'sadhana' or the problem solving measures that one can
indulge over many births as I don't think anything happens at a drop of a
hat, be it vairagya.

Lord puts such a seeker in difficult situations to make him viveki and this
is one of the reasons which led Kunthi praying to Krishna in Bhagavatha to
shower her with more poverty so that he will intercede to save her.

There were some like Janaka, Prahlada who though in the midst of luxury tend
to have unwavering mind with complete dispassion.

As far as smashana vairaagya goes it can at best called as illusion or a
lack of intellect in dealing with a sorrowful situation.


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Bhaskar - PraNAms - here is my understanding:

True vairaagya comes with viveka - some incidences can
trigger the intellect to think deeply.  Otherwise it
is called smashaana vairaagya - dispassion until
funeral is over.  The statement of the Upanishad is
'pariiksha lokaan karma chitaan ..... tat
vijnaanaartham sa gurum eva abhigachchet...'
‘when one realizes after examining his whole life of
experiences that he cannot achieve the ever lasting
happiness through result of any action or karma, he is
advised to approach a teacher for proper knowledge’.

Hari Om!

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the topic was
> about vairAgya.  He said that vairAgya or dispassion
> is always a result of
> some grief in one's life.  He took the examples of
> buddha, dhruva, ramaNa
> maharshi & argued,

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