[Advaita-l] "Thank you for allow in your great moment"

ramakrishnan thirumurugan rthirumurugan123 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jul 23 02:17:17 CDT 2007

      "Om maha Ganathipathye namaha"
  Dear friends,
  I am thanking all of you for accepting me 
  in your mail list.
  please allow me to share my views with you.
"The practical applications of advaita" 
 dear friends
  first of all,we want to have 
                       clear idea about
      advaita means - the stage of "athma 
 knows itself everywhere"
   how this is possible?-- the question arise
 before us.
"the simple practise of advaita"
             "Try to behave like a sun"
in your thyana.
 then assume"
 your light of athma sorrounding all of the
 world and nothing else other than you"
 this practise makes you to go further
 steps in your spiritual leval.
   "Advaita thoughts starts from your food"
  because  " food only makes the human body,
  depend upon your body your activies are
    therefore "Be the vegetarion"
    you know
 "The pure advaiti one part of god"
      therefore he cannot go the wrong path.
  I will continue my views in my next mail
     Thanking you for share the great moments
 with you
              yours friendly
                  (s/o n.ramakrishnan)

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