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Mon Jul 23 06:14:21 CDT 2007

Dear Memebers,

On performance of Archana & Pooja of Veda Vyasa on Guru Pooornima day, I
came across the following comment by a learned scholar:

 "Performance of Veda Vyasa Pooja on Guru Pooornima (Ashada Pooornima) is
for Sanyasins only. And we people (Grihasthas and Brahmacharis) perform
Vyasa Pooja as part of the Upakarmam, which falls on next (Sravana) Poornima
for Yajur Vedins like us"

Any comment?

S. Krishnan


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Dear Members,

In view of upcoming Guru Pooornima on July 29th, we wish to do Archana to
Bhagavan Veda Vyasa. I was requesting for a copy of the Veda Vyasa
Ashtothara if any of the learned members may have. Thank you in advance.


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