[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Is vairAgya/renunciation a result ofglumness??

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My view point is this:

The raaga/dwesha that we acquire are our vritti gyana - viz., happening in
our mind all the mind because of how we react in a situation.  The situation
as such happens due to our prarabdha.  So while the situations happens come
what may, it is our reaction which determines as to whether we are adding
load in the form of a agaami karma or we are coming out of it with only
nullifying our prarabdha at that particular moment.

Now, your situation is what we normally experience - may be the degree of
severeity is more/less.  I think that you are experiencing and undergoing
prarabdha by sulking inside and crying outside due to your dear ones fate
and the severety of grief is directly proportional to the viveka that you
have inculcated earlier and in your previous births. The more the viveka in
a right measure less the burden.   A true karmayogi, in my opinion is very
conscious of karmayoga and its effects and not concerned much about
situations.  This way, he may appear like a hypocrite or granite faced, but
he, being gyani, may not want to rake in and get entangle himself in

I think it is best to avoid happy moments when the mind is not tuned in.  If
our dear ones have prarabdha then they will get curious and get to know the
fact and grieve after hearing the bad news.  It is better to be granite
faced and learn to cling on to the rope of vairagya than leaving it aside in
the name of hypocricy or some such thing without giving a try at all.  As
novices, we may look and feel awkward in the beginning and as experience
dawn on us we get used to handling various situations with vairagya.  In
fact it is the best possible way to combat grief.  Lord gives us such
situations to learn and adopt vairagya.  Why not the Smashaana Vairagya be
the pedestal?


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Hare Krishna

Thanks a lot for all the replies from the revered prabhuji-s.  I am ever
indebted to these thoughtful insights.  But, my question was with more
specific intention & towards practical implimentation of virtue of vairAgya
in our day to day life.  Yes, theoretically we know the definition of
vairAgya & even we can quote scriptural references for the same & we can
talk/write authoritatively about it .  But when it comes to our *real life
situations* what would be the right attitude rather mental state of ours
being a real vairAgi. That is what exactly I wanted to know.  Let me
explain it by taking one practical example.  One morning, say, I've assured
my wife & kids to take them to a movie in the evening after coming back
from office.   But, while on the way to office,  I heard a sad news that my
closest childhood friend died in a road accident & his body is lying in
mortuary at hospital...Immediately I rushed to the hospital, deeply mourned
the death of my fast friend, have attended his cremation, consoled his wife
& kids & my other friends etc. etc. & will come back to home.  Now, tell
me,  should I carry that sad feeling to my house & by narrating the whole
episode to my wife (who does not even know the name of my departed friend)
&  making her  also to grieve along with me & ruin the whole happy
atmosphere at home??  or should I leave all my sorrows as soon as I comeout
from the crematorium & enjoy the evening movie with my wife & kids with ice
creams & pop corns ??  What would be the attitude/mental state  of a real
vairAgi in these *real life* situations??  Whether he will just *act * (or
pretend) according to the demands of life *situation/circumstance*??  like,
looking sad & weepy guy at the cremation of his friend  & looking joyful,
wonderfully happy  husband when he is with family !!  Or,  should he wear
an apathetic,  granite face with *no* feeling at all in both these
situations?? which is the right & appropriate mental state here for a real
vairAgi ??  whether he should be like ' duHkEshu anudvigna manaH, sukEshu
vigata spruhaH', 'na prahrushyEt priyaM prApya nOdvijEt prApyachApriyaM',
'sukha dhukhE samEkrutvA' etc. etc.  or dhHkEshu *duHkhi*, suKhEshu *suKhi*
without wearing any permanent tag or dis-associating himself with neither
of these vikAra-s!!!  Kindly tell me, which is the *choice* of a real

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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