[Advaita-l] Is vairAgya/renunciation a result of glumness??

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Dear Members
Yes it is true that a shock results in deep thought about what exactly is
life.But soon we forget and carry on with our routines.King Ashoka comes to
my mind when he vowed that he will not indulge in another war after the
Kalinga war in which he was victorious.His vairagya came after a success and 
he embraced Budhdhism.My point is one should be truly
get affected eitherby a sad event or a happy one  and set out to seek remedy 
IMMEDIATELY.All life stories of
great people only indicates this aspect.They never waited for an opportune
moment to get vairagya.It was spontaneous.
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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Yesterday I was discussing with one of my friends casually, the topic was
> about vairAgya.  He said that vairAgya or dispassion is always a result of
> some grief in one's life.  He took the examples of buddha, dhruva, ramaNa
> maharshi & argued, see buddha had to see the miseries of life, dhruva had
> to suffer from his step mother & ramaNa had to undergo that strange
> experience of death to get vairAgya....If everything is going fine in
> one's
> life, he/she never even think about vairAgya despite he/she is very
> philosophical & spiritual in his/her normal approach towards life.   My
> friend continued to argue, though most of us  know the importance & talk
> hours together about  dispassion & renunciation etc.  we never try to put
> them into practice coz. we donot want to come out of our comfort zone.   I
> thought in a way, he is right!!! Because, I've not seen/heard any incident
> where one, who was leading a comfortable & secured  life took saNyAsa by
> mere discrimination (vivEka) without any untoward incidents..Either there
> must be a severe catastrophe in his/her life or there must be a
> traditional
> obligation (thouse who belong to & studied under the guidance of orthodox
> saNyAsa Ashrama/ mutt) to force them to adopt themselves to saNyAsi way of
> life or to the path of vairAgya.
> I know this is only limited vision of vairAya...I'd be highly obliged if
> prabhuji-s share any additional thoughts on this subject.  If those
> thoughts make me to think about  the path of vairAgya seriously,  nothing
> like that!!
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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