[Advaita-l] Veda Vyasa Ashtothara

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The dharma sindhu, a widely respected text on dharma, states that sannyAsins 
need to worship vyAsa on the full moon day of AShADha as part of the 

asyAM paurNamAsyAM sannyAsinAM chAturmAsyAvAsasaMkalpAN^gatvena 
kShauravyAsapUjAdikaM vihitam.h |

On this (AShADha) full moon day, as part of the chAturmAsya-AvAsa vow 
(staying in one place for four months), shaving, vyAsa pUjA, etc. are 
prescribed for sannyAsins.

atra karmaNyaudayikI trimuhUrtA paurNamAsI grAhyA |

This karma is to be done on the day when the pUrNimA (full moon) tithi 
covers at least 3 muhurtas after sunrise. (1 muhUrta is 2 ghaTis or 48 

Along with vyAsa, various gods and other celestials, the bhAShyakAra, 
Shankara and his disciples Sureshvara, PadmapAda, ToTaka, and HastAmalaka 
are also worshipped.

However, there is no prohibition of vyAsa pUjA by householders, as part of 
their daily pUjA.


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