[Advaita-l] Appeal – Request of Information - Nitya Agnihotri

Krishnan S krishnan.sankara at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 09:40:11 CDT 2007

Dear members,

This mail of mine may be out of the scope of the e-group; still I feel that
good number of you may guide me in my following search.

A friend of mine wishes the following as part of his 60th birth-day
(Shasti-Abtha-poorthi) celebrations.

'Request a Nitya Agnihotri, to permit him to stay around the Agnihotri's
house for a day or two – enable him to participate in all the day's details
of the Agni Upasana'

Apart from suitably honoring the Agnihotri Dampathy, he will, of course,
take of the all the expenses of the days of stay.

He is looking for help to get the address of a Nitya Agnihotri   On getting
the location details, he will do the further follow up himself.

He prefers a location is some village on the banks of a river in either
Tamil Nadu or Kerala (He is a Tamil Smartha Yajur Vedin, living in Mumbai
and is comfortable only with Tamil & a bit of Malayalam)

Do you have a pointer?

As this happens to be a personal request, your reply-mail can perhaps be
directed to my id: Krishnan.Sankara at Gmail.com


S. Krishnan


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