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In prapanna giitaa it is said

jAnAmi dharmaM na cha me pravRRitti jAnAmyadharmaM na cha me nivRRitti.
tvayA hRRishiikesha hRRidi sthitena yathA niyuktaH asmi tathA karomi..

Lord! Intellectually I know what virtue is but I cannot practice it. I
know what vice is but have no power to resist it. O Lord of the
senses! You dwelt in my heart and I will do as you impel me to do.

Though intellectually one (mis)understands tatva, one is at the
disposal of the guru to really realize it.

Sadguro Saranam

On 7/31/07, srikanta at nie.ac.in <srikanta at nie.ac.in> wrote:
> With reference to Dr.Prasanna Srinivas on the role of a Guru.He has quoted
> Aurobindo's example.But it doesnot happen with every one.First it is
> necessary to understand that this world is transient(vairagya) and one
> must obtain viveka.Shankara says in his Brahmasutra Bhashya that Viveka
> and vairagya are the prime requsites for a seeker.Without this any amount
> of quoting from the scripture is of no use.It just becomes "Shuka
> jalpita"(parrot talk).Also one has to work towards the goal.The Guru can
> only pointout the way.But it is for the seeker to put effort and work
> towards it.
> Namaste.                                               N.Srikanta.
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