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Date: Oct 30, 2007 11:19 AM
Subject: Sri Mani Dravid

Ram ram

I am glad to inform you that Sri Mani   Dravid Sastrigal has started
taking classes on "Poorva Mimamsa" (Tenali  Scheme-14 exams) thro
broadband internet connection (via telephone)   for a student in
rajamandry,a student in   bangalore and the third student here in
Chennai before him at his   residence.These students have already
completed Veda Adhyanam besides having passed Veda Bhashyam exam-well
versed in Sanskrit.The modern  technology is being fully used to help
the students who have personal          compulsions to stay in their
native places but still wanting to complete the Poorma  Mimamsa course
on which he is a great  authority.

The members of Chanttanathaputam   Indological Institute
Abhiramapuram,Chennai (who have helped Sastrigal   progressively to
learn operation of computer,learn special software
application in Sanskrit language sothat he can edit books thro
computer  itself) can be proud of this achievement.

The members who attend his classes at    Abhiramapuram for the past
three years at Sri K Sundararaman's residence   are glad to inform
that his "Adhyasa Bhashyam" of Brahma Sutram has been  published in
"Voice of Sankara" an English  magazine of          International
repute  on Hindu Philosophy thanks to translation  into English done
by Sri SN Sastri.

The students of Sri Mani Dravid dedicate  these achievements to the
lotus feet of HH Mahaswami of Kanchipuram  whose divine presence is
being felt at Narmada Flats,          Abhiramapuram,where Sri
Sastrigal is taking classes.

Ram ram
K Sundararaman

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