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Dear Friends,
                          As there is regular posting on " who is neela devi, here is some information which I know. Source Shri Pithambara Sanskrit Parishad, Datia, MP.
  Pranvam, Maya, Vadhu, Koorch and Astra (Aum, Hreem, Streem, Hoom, Phat) constitutes Shri Tara Bhagawati five lettered Maha Vidya. Out of this when 3 combines i.e Hreem, Streem, Hoom, Thri letter mantra constitutes "Neela Saraswati". It is also known as Tara Kulluka. 
  Neela devi or neela sarawati is a part of Tara Mahvavidya only.
  and also there is Neel Tara also.
  As Mantra Mahodadhi describes Tara has several forms which includes Ekajata tara, Sparsh tara, Neel tara (chandra ghanta), Maha tara, Trailokya vijay tara, chintamani tara, siddha jata, .....etc.
  Several Amnaya's describes different tara's in different forms.
  North Amanya comprises of Tara Ugra, Mahogra, Vajra, Neela saraswati (3 lettered mantra), Kameshwari, and Bhadrakali.

  Aum proves its Brahmic nature.
  H in Hreem denotes effulgence and R denotes the emancipation from ignorance nad theese H and R unites with "EEM" gives the word HREEM.
  Takara is the destroyer of all the sins, Repha denotes Tattva and Treem or Streem is the great seed which represent the Brahama Tattva.
  Hoom represents Knowledge and Phat is the destroyer of Ignorance.
  Any body who knows meanings of Mantras like this becomes Maheswara.
  Accroding to Peethambara peeta Swamiji in his words, No one is capable of determining the form of shri tara Mahavidya. What ever which is known or written is the result of complete inspirations from her only.
  with regards
  M.Kameswara Rao
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Subject :- Who is

Who is nILA dEvi ?
Priya mahASayAh,

I wish to share my own understandings and views about the esoteric
meaning of nILAdEvi with you all in this group. I may
be pardoned if I am exceeding any limits or wrongly interpreting any thing
from the text.

SrInIlAdEvi is said be one among the three wives of Sri
vEnkatESwara, the other two are SrIdEvi and BhUdEvi. The vEda
addressed her as "Bhuvanasya patni". It also praised her as the one who is
supporting the heavens and holding the earth, from falling
them downwards. "viShtamBhO diva dharuNah".

In the tAntric SrIvidya she is called as "niila saraswati", a
different form of 'mahAkAli'.

If the word 'SrI' is indicative of the heavens (the world of all
gods with all its wealth and pleasures), is significant of the first part of
the above word "niila", and the second part 'BhU' indicates the abode of all
our ancestors (pitR^u dEvatas) from whom we all have acquired all the
knowledge whatever we now possess. That knowledge indicates "saraswati".

Because it is acting like a conjunctive force between the heaven and
the earth, connecting both 'niila'and 'saraswati', the fellow-mate of these
two was named as "niila saraswati". This force is a kind of vacuity formed
the empty vacant space (AkASE avakASam), which facilitated the paramAtma to
palpate his first throb as "ah" (Adyaspandam), from which all the five
elements were manifested in a group and that in its turn, became the

By the jerk of movement created by the throb of paramAtma, this
vacant space itself transformed as the air named "mAtariSwa". This principal
air along with its subordinates "prANa", "apAna", "vyAna", "udAna" and
vAyus and also their subordinates called "nAga", "kUrma", "kR^ikara",
"dEvadatta" and "dhananjaya" are maintaining all the living beings with
their six activities, "asti" remaining in the biija BhAva, "jAyati" prakAsa
BhAva, "vardhati"AmarSana BhAva, "vipariNamati", pariNAma BhAva,
"apakSIyati" kShaya BhAva, and "naSyati" samhAra BhAva.
By all this, we can come to the conclusion that the sole cause for all the
activities of the universe is this vacant space.

By saying "dR^k diSam", she has no directions of the compass like
east, south, west, north etc., because she has occupied all the edges of all
directions. She has no divisions of time also, because there is no device
or machinate like 'the sun' outside of her. She herself is the sovereign
regulator of time even for this sun and solar system. She is the 'kAla".
She is the "kAla sarpa" upon which SrimahAviSNu is reclining.

SrImahAviShNu is lying upon this 'kAla sarpa' which is called as "Adi
sESha", the remainder at the beginning itself.
We generally calculate any remainder after subtracting any sum. It reminds
the story of three daughters-in-law of a lady.
One was asked to arrange tables and plates for the guests` dinner, the
second one to serve the preparations and the third one was given the charge
of removing the plates and cleaning the table. They all have accomplished
their duties accordingly.
But how? The first one arranged the table and plates. Immediately the
second one served all the food items in the plates and the third one
instantly removed all the plates and cleaned the tables even before any one
come to take meals.

In the same way one god is creating the universe and another god is
dissolving it at one and the same time. In between these creations and
dissolutions there is one force saying loudly "I am here, I am here" and "I
am maintaining, I am maintaining"
..That force itself is called "Adi SESha". kAla sarpa. This is the kAla
swarUpiNi which is swallowing all the living beings, including brahma, viSNu
and the so called mR^ityunjaya mahESwara and wearing the long garland of
skulls of mahESwara.
This mahA Sakti`s name is "MahA kALi" and also "niila saraswati". The
subordinates of this mahAdEvata, the "mAtariSwa vAyus" and their subordinate
vAyus are actually acting like the creators by creating new generations, and
acting like maintainers by providing nutrition to the living beings
("viSwasya cA iShayantii"), and also acting like the destructing agents also
making all beings prey for mortification ("asyESAnA jagatO").

If "SrI" can be called as "bindu" for all its objective visualizations,
the earth (saraswati) becomes 'nAda" and our "niila saraswati" is occupying
the place of "kaLa". She is the sole cause to show the small single atom
into so many kinds of forms in different shapes and varieties. That is why
she is called "kaLa".

She is that third foot of 'trivikrama' after he has occupied the
whole heven and earth (Sri and BhUh), which made the emperor 'bali' to
surrender before 'vAmana'. The other two feet are 'SrI' and 'Bhuh'

She is the 'turiiya iimkAra swarUpa mahA mAyA' of SrImahA viShNu. She
is also called as "aditi" the mother of all deities in whose bosom the whole
universe exists. ."suBhUtih SivA nO astwaditir upasthE" the vEdA says.

Dear members, I hope I could convey my understanding clearly to you
all. I humbly solicit any suggestions and additions upon these views.

Yours in the service of the mother,
Krishnarao (SrIparasuKhAnandanAtha)

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