[Advaita-l] Attack on Adi Sankara-by Dvaitins-what has been done to resolve this?

Suresh mayavaadi at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 03:52:26 CST 2007


I registered at this forum to learn, not to post, so
this is my first thread, which I am making after
careful consideration. 

I heard from one of my friends that Adi Sankara has
been attacked viciously by the dvaitins. I also read a
few texts like Manimanjari, where some nasty comments
have been written, comments which I cannot even post
in public. They've even accused him of having died of

What has been done about this by the advaita (smartha)
community? This is character assassination, isn't it?
A debate has to take place with mutual respect, they
can attack the philosophy, if they want, but cannot
make nasty remarks about saints, just because they
belong to a different sect.

Something has to be done about this, because this is
an attack on a certain religion, which Indian
constitution doesn't permit. Either dvaitins must
remove these objectionable verses from their texts, or
face action. Imagine what would happen if similar
comments have been made against muslims, there will be
an outrage. But why does no one care, when advaitins
are attacked?

Many advaitin friends have contacted the dvaita list
moderator, someone named Rao, but he didn't have the
decency to respond properly. In fact, he hurled abuses
at people who expressed concern. 

Goes on to show people will never respect us, as long
as we crawl and beg. So the question still remains,
what can we do about this? Swallow these insults and
move on, or take action?


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