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praNAms Sri prem prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Kindly pardon me for the very delayed reply..was bit busy in some official

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable thoughts with me prabhuji.
Actually, my intention of sharing that mail was not to drag the theory of
five fold combination with respect to creation...Honestly, I am not that
much familiar with this theory....Moreover, when it comes to creation
theory, shruti itself is not so consistent (rather particular) in
explaining the same.  After all we know that the ultimate truth reveals the
fact that there is neither creation nor dissolution....But as soon as we
start speaking brahma, jIva, liberation,  brahma jignAsa or nature of
individual souls, its bondage etc. it invariably presupposes the
creation...But if we turn towards shruti for the process of this
creation...shruti itself not so particular about it since its ultimatum is
revealing the knowledge of the oneness of Atman (atmaikatva)...taitirIya,
ItarEya, prashna, chAndOgya etc. give different accounts of the same..In
this scenario, it is difficult to understand the efficacy of paNchikaraNa
theory in brahma jignAsa..Though there is an exclusive prakaraNa work
called  paNchikaraNa in the name of bhagavatpAda  & vArtika on it  in the
name of surEshwara (savArtika paNchikaraNa), I dont know how this work can
effectively explain the theory of creation *in line* with shruti...For
example, mundaka shruti says brahman becomes fat through tapasya and from
it is born food etc. and taitirIya explains all the five elements come from
brahman...etc..how this can be reconciled with paNchikaraNa theory which
talks about the division of these elements into parts, and different
combinations of the same etc..

With regard to aprAkrutik SarIra, I humbly request you to get it clarified
from any of our dvaita prabhuji-s.

prabhuji you asked :

// quote //
could you please elaborate on this shankara quote, is it
talking about abhAva of vyavahara or abhAva within vyavahara? what is
meant by 'avagati jnAna'?
// unquote //

It is more of abhAva within vyavahAra through avagati jnAna...avagati jnAna
here means adhyavasAya jnAna or sublated knowledge which reveals the
reality behind duality...Shankara in sUtra bhAshya explains this state of
jnAna is not exclusive of vyavahAra nor it is some exalted state like
samAdhi....it is the intuitive realization that he is non-dual brahman
while in *socalled* vyavahAra.  it is also called *bAdhita jnAna* by
shankara elsewhere in sUtra bhAshya.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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