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--- Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at gmail.com> wrote:
> The simple question I am asking is this: assuming
> that fundamental
> particles exist, do they compromise the ontological
> non-duality of the
> Atman? If not, why not?

Sree Ramesh - PraNAms

To me, the answer is very simple.

Ontologically the absolute truth is that which is
never negated. 

Any thing that is negated comes under temporary and
therefore as Gudapaada says
aade nasti and ante naasti, like a pot - which was not
there in the past and which will not be in future
afterwards and therefore vartamaanepi  it is not
there. -Krishna says, avyaktaadiini bhuutaani vyakta
madhyaani .. What is there is only clay all the time. 

Even if fundamental particles exist - they exist only
in the waking state, and are negated in the dream and
deep sleep state. Therefore they are only temporary
and hence only vyavahaara satya and not paaramaarthika
What is there all the time is existence only - the
fundamental particles exist. or to be more correctly
existence as fundamental particles. 

Advaita can never be compromised.

Hari Om!

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