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Mon Nov 26 05:18:57 CST 2007

This has reference to the Discussion on Advaita vedanta.It has been
mentioned that Ramanujacharya and Vedanta Desika crticised Advaita by
making the Advaita of Sankara as Purvapaksa.Infact,If one follows
carefully the Mahapurva paksa of Sankara taken for criticism by Ramanuja
it is not conclusive.Ramanuja has not conclusively refuted by taking the
Sruthi texts quoted by Sankara in support of Advaita and Avidya.At the
start, Ramanuja says that he follows Bodhayana vrtti,but it has not been
traced.Before Ramanuja we have Bhaskara,and most of his theory closely
follows Bhaskara's Bheda-Bheda vada.He has not written any commentary on
Upanishads,the main Sruthi texts of Vedanta.He has also not explained the
"Mahavakyas".While Sankara explains it taking a direct approach,Ramanuja
has interpreted to suit his view.Ramanuja's Bhashyas only suits the
Vaishnavite Bhakthi cult,and to hold such a view analysis of
Bhahyas,interpretation,study of Sruthi texts,Brhamasutras are not
necessary.His successor,Vedanta Desika also follows the same line,but in
his time,the Vaishnavite cult split into two views,the Vadakalai and the
Tenkalai views each writing commentaries in opposition to the other.

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