[Advaita-l] Elementary Particles and Nature of Reality

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 06:55:50 CST 2007


In quantum physics we have something that is
fundamental and then there is a mathematical
framework that is built using this fundamental

Based on my understanding elementary particles are
almost like some constants within the mathematical
framework, while Wave-particle duality is the 
fundamental principle. (In my personal study
I have not tried to understand any elementary 
particle other than electron and photon).

Here is a brief summary of this concept for
benefit of list members (this is formulation of 
the Schrodinger's equation)

1. In general there are waves that constitute
   everything in this universe.
2. Wave has two basic parameters: frequnecy(F),
   and wavelength (L).
3. F = E/h (Planck's hypothesis)
   E is some representative of energy of the
   wave - for light this is energy of a single
   photon, for matter waves I think we should be
   able to take relativistic total energy or
   something similar here.
   h = Planck's constant
4. L = h/p (de-broglie's hypothesis)
   p = momentum - of the particle that we
   will construct with this wave(s)
5. Particles are constructed using superposition
   of waves to create wave-packets that are 
   roughly localized in space.
   Note: complex exponentials of the form
   exp(j * theta) = cos(theta) + j * sin (theta)
   enter into quantum physics in a fundamental
   manner. This is a SURPRISE - in classical
   physics and engineering these are introduced
   purposely to simplify things.
6. Bigger Surprise: Wave packet can never 
   we completely localized - i.e. made to 
   vanish everywhere except in a small region
   of space where we feel the particle is located.
   The more we want it to be localized, the
   more are the wavelengths we need to add to 
   the wavepacket. And since wavelengths are
   related to momentum, the more uncertain the
   momentum becomes. This is the uncertainty
7. Biggest surprise however is trying to understand
   how the mathematical process described in point
   6 manifests physically in the process of 
   obseravtion, and the role of the observer -
   collapse of a wave function.
To understand nature of reality one can focus
on understanding this wave-particle duality
rather than the elementary particles. 

I believe one can get some insights into the
nature of reality from wave-particle duality.
This if supplemented with yoga sutras, Vedanta 
and sankhya the understanding can get a sound

Needless to say, understanding physics is a not 
a necessary condition to understand the nature of 


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