[Advaita-l] Difference between Brahman and Brahma

Suresh mayavaadi at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 4 10:20:18 CDT 2008


Thanks, Vidya Shankar and Jaladhar, for the nice
explanation. I still have a problem with
sarva-bhutatma-bhutatma. Sarva=all, bhuta=beings,
atma=self. So I am not sure how to interpret this with
due respect to grammar. 

Also, in 12.5 (and in many other verses in gita), is
duhkham in accusative case? If so, I am assuming that
avapyate is the verb? But the sentence wouldn't make
sense either way. There are many places where this
confusion occurs. Even in 5.16, aditya-vaj
jnanam...why is it not jnanaH, because it seems to be
the subject of the verb (prakashayati) rather than the

Finally, is it ok if I start a separate thread dealing
with the gita alone where I can post select verses, so
that everyone can participate and offer their ideas on
grammatical nuances etc.? It will be a learning
experience for novices and experts alike. Please let
me know.


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