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Dear Shakta Bandhu's,
  Bagalamukhi (Peethambara)
              Bagala is one of the DasaMahavidya’s. Bagalamukhi means ‘The crane-Headed one’. Bagala is goddess of speech. She has the magic power for the suppression of enemy’s gossip. She is the pronouncement of ultimate truth. She has the truth power of self nature. She is yellow in colour, wearing yellow clothes and yellow ornaments,  gems,  wearing yellow flowers particularly champaka blossoms. With left hand  holding the tongue of an enemy and with the right hand she is striking him on the head with her mace. She sits upon a golden throne surrounded by red lotuses and wears the crescent moon as a jewel on her head.
              The weapon that puts to an end of all conflicts and confusion is the weapon of spiritual knowledge i.e weapon of Brahman (Brahamastra). The highest form of Brahamastra is the question “Who am I”?  or “what is the Self” ?.
              Bagala turns each thing into its opposite. She turns speech into silence, knowledge into ignorance, power into impotence, defeat to victory. She represents knowledge whereby each thing must in time becomes its opposite. Here is her yantra.
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