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Deal All,


wish every one a very happy and prosperous New Year, Sarvadhaari

the Kalpathy Sivan Kovil (http://kalviviswam.org/kalpathy/Publication1.htm) is a very ancient and revered temple in Kerala, 
The temple Kumbabishekam (being performed after 26 years) is slated for the 11th of May, 2008and we are facing a serious cash short fall. Our deficit is around 20lakhs Rupees inspite of postponing the event by one year from 2007 to2008.

The completion of the Kumbhabishekam is the need of thehour, not only for Kalpathy but also for the well being of theadjoining agraharams

Please help us out in this endeavor, the details of the areas running short are

                                        NANDI  MANDAPAM               3  LACS                                        KOLU MANDAPAM                 3 LACS
                                        FLOORING OF THIRUMATTAM       2 LACS
                                        FLOORING OF VELI PRAKARAM     1.5 LACS
                                       YAGASALAI PANDAL               2 LACS
                                       YAGASALA  DECORATION           2.5 LACS
                                       ELECTRIFICATION                1.5 LACS
                                       DAKSHINAI FOR GURUKKAL         3.5 LACS
                                       DAKSHINAI FOR VAIDIKAS         1.5 LACS
                                       YAGASALA MATERIALS             3  LACS
                      ELEPHANT PROCESSION & PANCHAVADYAM              1.5 LACS

Please ask your friends and other like minded bhandhus to help out in this cause also, 
if you need further information or interested in contributing, please contact the following

Sri K N Lakshminarayanan, IRPS (retd), secretary,  Kumbabishekam Committee, +91-0491-257811; 

Sri T.R Rajamani - rajamanitr at gmail.com (New Jersey)
Vishwam - krishvishy at yahoo.com (Boston)

nArAyaNa smaraNam

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