[Advaita-l] uttara gitA?

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Sun Apr 20 21:27:33 CDT 2008

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008, Shrinivas Gadkari wrote:

> Namaste,
> I happened to find a text on the web that goes by the name of
> uttara gitA. Can list members point out the original source of the
> Sanskrit text?

I've been looking around and I can't find any mention of this outside the
Laheri edition found on the web and in a Theosophical Society publication.

> (I have verifed that it is not from Mahabharata.)

Yes several web pages confuse it with the anugita which is part of the
Mahabharata and has a more solid history.  (Shankaracharya is said to have
written a bhashya on it though it was not included in the vani vilasa
series.)  The anugita is also a "sequel" to the Bhagavadgita as this work
is supposed to be.

> http://www.theosophical.ca/UttaraGita.htm

It is not improbable that the Theosophical Society simply made it up 
themselves. They are notorious for forging "ancient mystical secrets of 
the orient."

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