[Advaita-l] Discussion on pratitya-samutpada and Adwaita

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In his discussion on the above topic,Sri.Ananta Bhagawat writes that
pratitya-samutpada is closer to modern science because of renewed interest
in finite automata.Perhaps,he is referring to the "fuzzy logic" of the
neural networks and computers.Infact the Anekantavada or the "sapta bhangi
naya"of Jainism is closer to Fuzzy logic of finite automata.Fuzzy logic
allows different levels of logic as against the binary logic of Boolean
algebra.The anekantavada or saptabhanginaya states that an object can be
defined in 7 ways:"it is,it is not, it is both is and it is not,it is but
it is not is not,it is not it,but is not,it is not it is not"(asti,nasti
asti ca nasti,nasti nasti,nasti ca asti etc.).It can be defined as  a type
of fuzzy logic in modern day fuzzy logic(refer Zadeh on fuzzy logic).But,
in pratitya-samutpada of madhyamaka Buddhism,every thing is defined as
sunya(it is defined as nullity).it was first proposed by Nagarjuna in the
4 th century.Mahayana Buddhism came into vogue after the council of
Buddhism in Kanishka's time.There are two prominent schools in
Buddhism;vaibhashika and Sautrantika.Asanga and his step brother
Vasubandhu developed the Yogachara school of Buddhism.Later, the
madhyamaka school was founded by Nagarjuna.After Nagarjuna,Yogachara
school of Vasubandhu was developed by Dignaga and Dharmakirti.It was
called Vijnanavada of Buddhism.It is this school which is taken for
examination by Acharya Gaudapada in his Mandukyopanishad karikas.
In pratitya-samutpada(theory of dependent co-origination) every thing is
dependently arisen."sarve nissvabhavah",every thing is without self
nature."Sarve nairatmyam,sarvam duhkam,nirvanam shantam"so says Buddha.In
his book,"vaidalyaprakarana",Nagarjuna clearly defines what is
pratitya-samutpada.But,in Adwaita,Maya is anirvacaniya(inexplicable),or is
called 'durghata',"aghatita ghatitam ghatayati",It is said to be not,yet
it is,but it is different from these two'it is sadasadvilakshna.

Regards,Bhava shankara Desika me Sharanam.              N.Srikanta.

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